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I Can Too Learning Center is currently establishing a Non Public Agency in the North County of San Diego to provide intensive, 
in-home, Applied Behavior Analysis based programming for children with autism between 2-7 years of age. For a complete Parent 
Information packet please visit our website, email us at, or call us at (760)815-4800

ABC Teach - free printables!

ATEC Form - From Autism Research Institute comes the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist. Use to measure gains in your child's interventions. Printable in a PDF format. Get a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader here. Read more about it here: Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist.

Chaining Data Sheet, also in PDF format from

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies

Books and Videos

Autism Teaching Tools

Super Duper Publications

The New England Center for Children The New England Center for Children is an organization dedicated to providing comprehensive educational services to children with autism and related disabilities from the initial diagnosis to adulthood. Our behaviorally-based state-of-the-art education and individualized treatment programs include home-based instruction, preschool, day and residential services. Our students range from children performing close to grade level for whom the focus is upon maximizing the communication, social and academic skills necessary to succeed within typical settings to students with more challenging learning and behavioral problems. By combining educational programs and clinical services, we help each student master skills that lead to greater independence.

Debi's Autism Resource Guide

Autism Partnership

Looking for workers? Try

Free Downloadable Flash Cards

Dr. Pearson's Wonderful Toy Company; offers dolls with interchangeable faces to help teach expressions and emotions.

FEAT-ABA Resources includes reading and video list plus more links

ABA and Precision Teaching Resources

For curriculum, check out the Eden Curriculum.

Autism/PDD Resources Network (choose State Search, right-hand side of page)

The link "ABA Resources for Recovery from Autism/PDD/Hyperlexia" is written by the father of an autistic child. He speaks of many aspects of ABA including research, developmental evaluation, schools, principals, legal, etc. While there, check out their list of ABA Service Providers.

'Log It Software'

ABC Observation Chart (in PDF)

Natural Reinforcer List (from the ME-List)

Kathy and Calvin's ABA Info (tons of great ideas!)

A complete self-paced training program for preparing parents, educators, students, teachers, therapists, service providers, friends & family to use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs to work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD, & other developmental delays - Written by Kathy Lear (click on the icon)

Redwood Learning Center

Early Learning Site: Colour photo CD-ROM with thousands of pictures to assist in therapy of children with Autism!

Special Kids Resource

Resources and Links by area

Bridges for Children with Autism

Reinforcement Unlimited Clinical and Behavioral Consultants-Lists of Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers and Counselors, plus Government Regulatory & Licensure Boards by state and province.

ABA Affiliated Chapters

ABA Connections

Behavior Analyst Inc.

Therapy Resources in York Region and GTA (includes private IBI/ABA service providers)

Teaching Play skills to Children with Autism

Printable Documents (free) from

Therapist Timesheet (free)

Early Learning Site (Flashpro 2)

Behavior Analyst Certification Board

Lovaas Institute for Early Intervention

Educating Children with Autism (online book)

Play Steps



Yahoo Groups: DTT NET: Autism: AVB: ABA

Yahoo Groups: ABA in Australia

Yahoo Groups: Autism and ABA


Article: "Early IBI Saves Up To $2,500,000" (scroll down)

Article: "The ABA Controversy" by Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.

Ontario's Program for Children with Autism

Children Injured by Restraint and Aversives

Intensive Behavioral Intervention, a great document by the ASA is in PDF format.

Introduction and Overview The Applied Behavior Analysis Approach to Autism Treatment

Lovaas: The Man Behind the Theory

Are There Risks to Using ABA?

A Definition of Quality ABA from Manitoba FEAT

Who is Qualified to Oversee Behavioral Programming for Children with Autism?

Best Practices for Designing and Delivering Effective Programs for Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders from FEAT




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