Visit the Wright’s Law website for practical help. In a recent issue of their newsletter, they presented some wonderful articles, such as "ADVOCACY TIP: HOW TO USE A 'PARENT IEP ATTACHMENT'" and "Advice from Indiana Advocate Pat Howey - Trusting the System To Do What's Right". For a printer-friendly version, click here.

The Autism/PDD Resources Network offers a great deal of information. Look under the "more to do" section.

From Emotions to Advocacy-The Parents’ Journey

Advocacy for Autism

Autism Awareness Action

The Use of the IDEA's Parental Notice Requirements as an Affirmative Advocacy Tool
SNAP - Special Needs Advocate for Parents

Patient Centers ~ Support and Advocacy

Family Resource Center on Disabilities 

ADHD Advocating for Your Child

Families Working Together

Special Ed Advocacy: Mistakes People Make

How Parents Can be Advocates for Their Children with Learning Disabilities

Special Education Advocate & Attorney Directory

Early Childhood Digest: Helping Parents Communicate Better with Schools

Advocacy for Students With Special Needs from

Calling for Help: Making Effective Phone Calls About Your Child

Getting Services for Your Child

Advocate's Corner

22: July 4, 2002