Auditory Training 

Auditory training is a treatment that may be helpful for some individuals with autism who are oversensitive or hypersensitive to sound. This therapy involves the individual listening to a variety of different sound frequencies, coordinated to their level of impairment. Auditory training is performed by an audiologist trained in this particular method. If you would like to learn more, please contact the ASA for the Auditory Training package.

Recommended Reading:

“The Sound of a Miracle” by Annabelle Stehli

"Hearing Equals Behavior" by Guy Berard


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"Basic Information About Auditory Integration Training" by Stephen Edelson Ph.D.

The Tomatis AE Method

What Changes to Expect When Doing the Tomatis Method Listening Training

Auditory Based Techniques from Autism Society (includes lists of practitioners of Berard and Tomatis methods).  You will need Adobe Acrobat to read this PDF file, please click here for your free download.

Auditory Training, Berard Method

Directory of AIT/DAA Practitioners in the United States

Directory of AIT/DAA International Practitioners

“`Miracle' Treatment for Autism may be Dangerous” By Karen Feldscher

SAMONAS Sound Therapy

SAMONAS (Spectral Activated Music of Optimal Natural Structure) Sound Therapy

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