“With the myriad of therapies out there, coupled with the emphasis on early intervention, it is no wonder we are all in a panic!

Basically, we are asked to evaluate many, many therapies (and most of us do not have the credentials, resources, time or funds to do this), determine which best suit our child, and then flawlessly execute them in what probably amounts to 2 years (When you take into consideration wait-lists, funding and the time it takes to actually receive a diagnosis, etc).

 ...And we are supposed to achieve optimal results, basically change our children’s' lives, all in this short period of time.

So we mortgage and re-mortgage our homes, quit our jobs. We worry about our marriages and neuro-typical (NT) kids, but totally devote our lives to our autistic kids. Totally without (monetary) pay.

 I wonder how many executives work with those types of goals, under that type of pressure for that type of pay?.

 But our motivation is our wonderful kids.  All we can do is our best. Please don't think about what you haven't done. Concentrate on being the caring and wonderful parent you are.

In terms of therapies, if you are happy with the results, there is no need to change what you are doing. If one component of your therapy isn’t working, change or alter it. Customize it to make it motivating and fun! Be sure your child is getting enjoyment out of it too.

There is no one therapy that will be the answer to everything. Time and research has proven that the child who receives a good combination of therapies that are tailored to his/her needs does the best. It is also vitally important to generalize skills learned into every day life.  Also remember that there is not a cutoff age to learning, no matter what anyone tells you!

Good luck!


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