When we first received the diagnosis of our son (he was eighteen months old), we were given the following advice:


Contact Early Intervention Services; and 


  Enroll him in nursery school….

Since those days, I have encountered hundreds of families who were told pretty much the same thing.  It is my opinion that if this were enough, there would be NO Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD); every child would be CURED.  It would be that easy!

Sadly, this is most often not enough information to help your ASD child.  Some of the people I have spoken to took the above advice; along with the very out-of-date, and somewhat dangerous “We can’t do anything until the child is 3 or 4 or 5….”

My son screamed.  He screamed for 3 hours minimum, every day of his life. The longest outburst he had lasted six days.  It was obvious he was in pain and frustrated, but he could not tell me what was happening.  Being unable to help my child left me in pain physically, but what was I to do?

I began by reading everything on autism a subject, which I found very little practical information.  At this time, I was not yet “online”, so my information came the old-fashioned way; by books.  Some of what I read, I found to be quite outrageous, somewhat absolutely depressing. The first book I picked up told me my son should be in an institution. But one book in particular stuck in my mind.

"Let Me Hear Your Voice" impressed me because it contained practical advice on how to proceed.  It detailed one mother’s journey in her quest to find appropriate therapy for her child. The book talked about ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) in a Home Program format. My husband and I decided to give this a try.

We attended courses and workshops, read everything and began to build our staff.  The rest of our program is detailed in the “How to Set Up a Home Program” section of “ABA”.

Today my son has come leaps and bounds, but during our journey I have explored other therapies and done a lot more research.  My boy currently receives a good combination of therapies that are showing results. If something fails to work, we change it around and try other things.

My goal is not to “cure” my son. I totally accept him for who he is, autism and all. But, like any parent, I am anxious to provide him with the tools he needs to live his life to it’s fullest; self esteem, communication skills, self help strategies and, of course, plenty of love.  If he never gains another day developmentally, I DON’T CARE. I don’t have to hear him say, “I love you” (although, it would be nice), and I already know he loves me.  This is my personal feeling toward him.

So the reason for this site is to go a little beyond the advice that was given to most of us.  The advice we found sorely lacking.

I am anxious to provide you with a key to help you get to know your child.  Herein you can find over 1,000 links, many great parents stories, terrific online support and a lot of information.  It is up to you to take it further. You are the one who has to do the additional research because no one knows your child better than you. Case managers and agencies may come and go, but you are permanent in his/her life.

Good luck to all of us, I hope our site gives you a hand….





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2: July 23, 2002