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(Treatment, Research, and Education for Autism and Developmental Disorders)
Thistletown Regional Centre

Note: The following presentation is based on 'best practices'.  Unfortunately, not all assessments will be conducted in this manner, but this information may aid you in finding the best place to take your child.  Be sure to ask questions!

Where Can You Get a Developmental Assessment/Diagnosis in York Region/GTA?

Some places to contact are:

Markham Stouffville Hospital (905) 472-7007 
North York General Hospital
(416) 633-9420
Central East Preschool Autism Services (contact Kinark) 1-888-454-6275
The Hospital for Sick Children (416) 813-1500
Thistletown Regional Centre (TRE-ADD Treatment, Rehabilitation & Education of Autism and Developmental Delays) (416) 326-0608

What is the Advantage of Having a Full, Well-Prepared Diagnosis/Assessment Report in Your Child's File?

Knowing where your child is at is extremely helpful.  You can base a behavioral teaching plan around this report.  Assessments can help you get services and funding.  They can help establish supports needed in a classroom for ISA funding.  It is helpful to have your child re-assessed as they enter school.  

A very big advantage could be that it may speed up entry to certain programs.  Some agencies require full diagnostic reports before commencing service.  Having a written report which uses standardized testing tools could potentially allow you to skip their process.  This will not only save you time, but money as well.

Why Should You Get Regular (Multiple) Assessments?

A comprehensive assessment will help you determine what to teach your child.  A written report will establish if there are any missing skills, and at which developmental level your child has reached for each skill. A dual diagnosis may be determined which is helpful in teaching.

Regularly updated assessments are a baseline for progress or to establish whether a child is declining.

An ideal situation is a place where you can get assessments and interventions together.

My Child Has A Dual Diagnosis.  Why is this helpful?

It is important to note that some dual diagnoses (i.e. Down Syndrome, Seizure Disorders, physical handicaps, etc) can help you get even more services and funding.  The dual diagnosis of autism and developmental delay, for example can help you establish teaching style and content.  A second diagnosis can also help parents understand their child more. A second condition may also require medication or special therapies.

Who Can Assess/Diagnose Autism?

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Who Might Be Involved in an Assessment?

Psychologist, Psychometrist and a student might be involved in the process. Some places will add an Occupational Therapist, Developmental Pediatrician and a Speech-Language Pathologist.

What is a Psychometrist and What Role Do They Play in the Assessment?

'Psychometrist' is not a regulated title, however s/he will have experience in performing psychological assessments.  To be a psychometrist, one must have a Masters in psychology.  In the school setting, a psychometrist is part of the assessment team.  Psychometrists must be supervised by a psychologist, all reports must be co-signed by a psychologist and the psychologist should always see the child during the assessment.

How Much Does a Private Assessment Cost in York Region/GTA?

In this area, you will pay between $2,000 and $3,000 (2002) for a private psychological assessment.  You will be charged by the hour.

How Long Should the Assessment Take?

A team of three or four professionals will assess your child for two to three hours (generally speaking).

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