by Bev

Hi all,

I've been asked by a couple of people information about supplements that my son is on because they pertain to getting him "prepared" for chelation.

So I thought I would list them here in case it would interest you and you might want to try them too. This is a pretty standard list (it's pre-printed and handed to parents by the DAN doctor I see), and it seems like the common regime used by other parents who are getting their child ready for chelation.

I am talking about the preparation because it is important to have the child in a good nutritional status (so that the chelation medicine will be more effective) and so that there is minimal yeast in the intestinal tract (because chelation will increase yeast). Also there is something called "gut bugs" to address, but that is usually something that is looked at once chelation starts.

I've been asked to help moderate a new message board to help give information to others about chelation, for those that are curious, or wondering if it's worth doing. I'm doing it with 3 others (who are in the States). I'm the "Canadian connection" lol. I'll let you know when it's up and running.

Ok here's the list my son is on. Like I said it's standard fare for other kids too, with perhaps some fine tuning for some individuals. You can always ask your child's doctor for advice on any of these (or ask me for more info.)

My son's supplements - based on 5 years old, 45 pounds:

Citramin by "Thorne" (variety of minerals), 1 capsule daily
Magnesium Sulphate cream (works the same as Epsom Salt baths) - 2 gm daily
Taurine - 2 capsules daily (500 mg. each capsule)
Cod Liver Oil - 1 tsp. daily (I use Kirkmans' Lemon Lime flavour)
EPA (fish oil for Omega 3) - 6 caps daily (500 mg. Omega 3 each capsule)
SuperNu Thera - 1 tsp. daily
DMG - 1 tablet daily (125 mg each tablet)
Vitamin E - 1 capsule daily (400 IU each capsule)
Folic Acid - 1 capsule daily (800 mcg. per capsule)
Zinc Sulphate Solution 2% - 1 tsp. at bedtime
Milk Thistle - 1 capsule per day (250 mg. per capsule)
Pro-5 Probiotic (Klaire Labs) - 1 capsule daily (contains Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium)

Some further explanations:
For calming (and sleeping!): Magnesium Sulphate cream, Taurine and Zinc. For some however Taurine does not agree with and makes them hyper. Zinc is given at bedtime, because it can cause nausea, also not to given with any calcium because zinc won't be absorbed properly.

Folic Acid can create hyperactivity.

Milk Thistle is to help the liver during it's detox. process

Pro-5 Probiotic is important because it provides the good bacteria (helps combat the yeast problem)

DMG can disagree with child too.  

If you are giving Cod Liver Oil, you need to use the brand of SuperNu Thera WITHOUT Vitamin A and D. This is very important as too much Vitamin A is toxic, and you get enough of this Vitamin A in the Cod Liver Oil.

I dissolve everything in my son's juices throughout the day. Some people hide it in applesauce, yogurt, syrups.

If any of the supplements don't agree with the child (causes hyperness, or bad bowels, etc.) then stop the supplement and discuss with your doctor.

A lot of parents have found that just doing this pre-chelation supplement preparation has helped their child. And then there's more improvement once they chelate, also the supplement list changes a bit (more minerals to supplement I think, as the chelation medicine can deplete some good minerals).

I should be starting chelation on my son in about 2 weeks hopefully, we are waiting to hear a yeast test result, if it is clear then we are all set to go! I'll keep you posted!

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