Free Picture Cards and Organizational Tools Online at Do 2 Learn (free)

Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc; Picture Exchange Communication System

 Early Learning Site: We are a small company that produce CD-ROMs with color images that parents print as flash cards to teach children with developmental delays and difficulties.  Our CD-ROM, Flash! Pro2 is used by numerous special schools and parents across the US, UK and Australia and has proven to be enormously useful to parents in need of resources. Among others, it is used by the Autism Partnership in its US, Canada and Australia centers. Different Roads to Learning also markets our software. 

Looking for Disney Clip Art (and more) to use for picture cards? Look no more! Beyond Autism has a page full of fun stuff  (click here for the freebies). 

"Time to Sing" CD ordering information

Picture Communication and Resource Support

Picture This from Silver Lining Multimedia contains over 2700 high-resolution images specifically designed to teach language to visual learners.

Order supplies at: Mayer-Johnson.  KidAccess provides tools for organizing the world of non-readers and other visual learners.  Concrete, visually engaging, and customizable, they can be used to develop and reinforce important cognitive and communication skills. 

Kid Access

"Help Me Talk Right"

Super Duper Inc.

Pyramid Products

Writing with Symbols 2000


Make your own talking picture frame (with materials from Radio Shack)

Beyond PECS - tons of free pictures and communication symbols! (free)

Boardmaker Downloads (free)

Free, Downloadable PCS (free)

Picture Recipes (free)

Communication Made Easy

Chore Flash Cards (free)

The Baby Bumblebee Store


Autism and Language; Article  

Strategies for Teaching Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders  

The Picture Exchange Communication System; Article

Boardmaker (Information)

A unique and very helpful approach to American Sign Language (ASL)   is presented in the website "Handspeak".  Real people model approximately 2,800 signs (with more added every day).  

British Sign Language Alphabet

American Sign Language Browser

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures and Signs

Sign Language Dictionary

LD Online: Speech and Language

Ed Chapman’s Speech and Development Page

Speech Teach

Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder: Where are the Boundaries? by D. V. M. Bishop, Department of Psychology, University of Manchester 

Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder Web Page 

Acquired Language Disorders

General Sites about Language Disorders

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

NICHCY General Information about Speech Disorders

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Techniques in Inclusive Classrooms

Talk, Learn & Communicate

Echolalia and Autism by Gary J. Heffner, M.A., Judevine® Center for Autism Training at GSSH

Ontario Ministry of Education: A Model for the Provision of Speech and Language Services

Ontario: Interministerial Guidelines for the Provision of Speech and Language Services (as applicable to the Education Act) 
September 1988 from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Community and Social Services

Ontario Ministry of Education: Search: Speech

O.A.F.C.C.D. Parent Resources Index

LD In Depth - Speech and Language Disorders

National Speech-Language Therapy Center (US) for ASD

National Autism Registry: Dimensions Speech, Language and Learning Services North

Visual Dyslexia Online

Student Schedules

Apraxia Ontario

The Hanen Centre (Ontario)

Assistive Technology Guide

80 Functional Ways to use Technology

Use Visual

Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorders (O.A.F.C.C.D)

Speaking of Speech, check out their awesome materials exchange.

Note: Check out Parent Empowerment Course 001: "Communication as Behavior". It is packed with resources and a handy section on acronyms!!!

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