Jeff Bradstreet talk - Biological Interventions in the Treatment of Autism and PDD

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Jeff Bradstreet, MD and Jerry Kartzinel, MD

DAN 2001 Notes
Important Impressions: Autism remains an extremely difficult disorder to treat. We do see responders and sometimes these are quite remarkable. We recommend a combined therapy (behavioral, AIT, sensory, OT etc.) & biomedical approach. This disorder challenges every aspect of the child’s metabolism in a way we have rarely seen in other syndromes. Panaceas and quick fixes are not part of our program. Detoxification and restoration remains core to our system. Children need systematic evaluation and treatment.

Biological Interventions in the Treatment of Autism and PDD – copyright, all rights reserved.

I am a little concerned about copyrights here, please check out Dr. Bradstreet's Powerpoint presentation here. Liz


Submitted by Karen from the autismandenzymes  Yahoo Group.