Hyperactivity – almost all the treatments stated increased hyperactivity in people where the treatment improved overall health and/or eventually produced positive results. In general, hyperactivity = improvement. This was seen very commonly with enzyme therapy, chelation, GFCF diet, many supplements, and bug treatments. This has come up often on the enzyme board and so I was particularly interested in this. Also, it was also common enough to see a little regressive behavior WITH positive improvements. With chelation and bug treatment (and we can toss in enzymes here as well), as long as you are seeing positive improvements along with the awful stuff, this is generally good and will resolve itself with time. If you see regressive behavior not accompanies with some positives, then it is probably best to stop. If you see positive improvement without regressive behavior, thank your lucky stars and enjoy it.

Stimming – A parent asked, "My son has improved dramatically with several interventions, to the point he is indistinguishable from others…but he is stimming more than ever. Why and what do I do?" The answer (one possibility) was that the stimming is now a neurological response. The reaction pathway is etched in the brain. You need "redirect" or "create" a new neurological response pathway. This is how of sensory integration therapy works. Sensory therapy strives to build more appropriate pathways using certain repeated sensory stimulus. This process is effective but can be slow. It was suggested this could be speeded up by supplementing with something???

Die-off reactions can be lessened considerably using activated charcoal. This is cheap, safe and works well. Consider this whenever a therapy is used which may contribute to die-off (chelation, anti-fungals, enzymes, diet change, supplements). Activated charcoal – your local health food store carries it, safe, cheap, effective.

Submitted by Karen from the autismandenzymes  Yahoo Group.