Juice Plus+ enzyme gummies

Juice Plus+ had a booth at the DAN conference and were giving out samples of the gummies for kids. They really tasted good. I was looking in just a good tasting gummy without artificials for my kids. Later I found out these are supposed to have fruit/vegetable nutrition as well as plant-based enzymes and other things. The web-site is http://www.juiceplus.com. It has a slick interface with animations which makes it kind of slow to load and the information is not very technical. Here is the information from a flyer with more info than in on the web site.

NOTE: this is an MLM company, eating real fruits and vegetables is probably much better than relying on these products, these products probably are not as dramatically helpful as the marketing claims, nor are they probably a total wash. The gummies sure tasted good, have no artificial stuff, and are probably much healthier than regular candy. So take it for what it is worth. Just passing along conference stuff. Karen.

Description from a handout on Juice Plus
"Let Food be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food" – Hippocrates
RARE if not UNHEARD of for a 100% whole food supplement…Studies published in several prestigious medical journals:
1. American Medical Review. Volume 2, Issue #4 April 1996.
2. Current Therapeutic Research. Volume 57, Issue #6, June 1996
3. Nutrition Research, Volume 19, #10, Oct. 1999
4. Integrative Medicine, Andrew Weil, MD, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1999

The following is a part of the abstract featured in Current Therapeutic Research: …subjects consumed supplements of this concentrated fruit and vegetable powder in capsule form taken twice daily with meals for 28 days, with plasma samples taken at baseline and 7, 14, 21, and 28 days, after only 28 days, plasma antioxidant levels increased significantly (at least quadrupled): beta-carotene, lycopene, 2,046%; alpha-carotene, 119%; and alpha-tocopherol, 58%…"

This product is NOT juice and is NOT a "magic bullet." It is however, just pure nutrition in the form of 4 gelatin capsules a day. Vitamins are fragmented substances, of which the body only assimilates 3% to 18% (because the body doesn't recognize them as food). The exact amounts to be taken and the effectiveness, if any at all, are unknown. The fruit and vegetable capsules, on the other hand, are a 100% bio-available (easily absorbed) whole food. They contain 17 of the most nutritionally dense fruits, vegetables and grains. The capsules contain antioxidants, enzymes, phytochemicals, plant vitamins, minerals, soluble and insoluble fiber and more. "NATURE IN A CAPSULE" Technology didn't alter the life-enhancing properties in these fruits and vegetables…it only removed the water. With the water came almost all of the sugar, salt and the calories. This makes it an ideal supplement, even for diabetics who need this nutrition, but cannot tolerate the sugar. Juice Plus+ capsules contain only 4 calories per capsule.

A daily dose is 2 fruit capsules in the morning and 2 vegetable capsules in the afternoon or evening, with at least an 8 oz. Glass of water (preferably filtered water). Juice Plus+ gives the body over 10,000+ nutrient (at least 5-9 servings of organically grown, vine or tree ripened, enzyme active fruits and vegetables a day); working together synergistically to give the body the fuel it needs to heal itself from within and to run at optimum efficiency.

Why was this product reviewed in three prestigious medical journal? The main reason was the test results. With Preventive Healthcare being a growing concern, more and more health-oriented products are filling the shelves of health food stores everyday touting this or touting that.

We are a world inundated with information ye starved for knowledge. So, what's a person to believe? In the almost 6 years that Juice Plus+ has been on the market, countless thousands of people have reported countless thousands of health testimonials to this life0enhancing product. Why? When you see the independent clinical reports and the third party documentation from around the globe, you'll understand too.

What's in this product?
Concentrates of apples, oranges, pineapples, cranberries, peaches, dates, pruned, papaya, cherries, carrots, (gluten free) barley and oats, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes: and plant enzymes, (bromelain, papain, lipase, amylase, protease, cellulase) fibers (glucomannan, pectins, cellulose) acidophilus and allicin a from garlic. Juice Plus+ has been tested for the presence of every bioactive phytonutrient found in plants and more importantly, it has been tested for bioavailability: do the nutrients actually get absorbed? The answer from three clinical studies, by three independent groups in three countries is YES! The anti-oxidants are absorbed and they act in your body to reduce by 4-fold the production of rancid fat molecules, the free-radicals known as lipid peroxides!

You don't have to have health challenges to get the benefits from this whole food product. Thousands of athletes the world over and countless others from every walk of life are using juice Plus+ to maintain their health in spite of the scarcity or organically grown, pesticide free, enzyme active, vine ripened fruits and vegetables, (not to mention the bombardment of free-radicals we inhale with every breath we take). It is convenient, inexpensive and life enhancing –and best of all – a fraction of the cost or buying fresh, raw fruits and vegetables year round – if you could find them all ($1.32 per day for Juice Plus+ capsules or 73 cents per day for Juice Plus Chewables or Gummies…delivered to your door).

Need More Credibility?
Effective October 1997, it was granted a US Patent! On April 18,1998, Juice Plus+ was presented at the 1998 annual conference for the Federation of the American Society of Experimental Biologists (FASEB), due to it's significant positive effect on anti-aging and the immune system. This conference was attended by over 20,000 doctors, professors and scientists from all over the world. In December 1998, new research was presented at the annul meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology on the positive effect of Juice Plus+ on the immune system and DNA repair. Listen to 1-800-624-7671, option 5 for more details. For more information call the toll-free "listen lines' and get a "crash course' on nutrition, natural weight loss and much more from the medical doctors yourself or visit the website.  24 hour info line: 1-800-624-7671

Frequently asked questions by Parents of Autistic Children

1. Gluten– All Juice Plus products are certified to be FREE of gluten by our manufacturer. While oats and barley are present in Juice Plus…only the outer shells of the grains are used and…NOT the inner core where glutens reside.

2. Casein – Since Juice Plus is a plant based product, it is free of casein.

3. Yeast, Mold, Herbicides and pesticides – The fruits and vegetables used in Juice Plus undergo an oxidizing wash which removes yeast, mold, herbicides and pesticides. The finished fruit and vegetable powders are once again tested for the absence of all known herbicides and pesticides. Systemic herbicides and pesticides are NOT used on any fruits and vegetables used in Juice Plus.

Active Plant Enzymes – The water removal process of the fruit and vegetable juices done at a temperature that removes the water but does not destroy the most delicate enzymes present in the fruits and vegetables. Ice plus is an enzyme rich product.

Bioavailability – The proprietary process used with Juice Plus results in very fine fruit and vegetable powders which aid in the absorption of nutrients into the blood stream. The published bioavailability study of Juice Plus supports the idea that Juice Plus is readily absorbed into the blood stream.

Food Allergies – Because of the process used to remove the water from the fruits and vegetables in Juice Plus, the sugar and sodium is also removed. Plant lectins, which can cause food allergies, attach themselves to the sugar molecule and …since the sugar is removed… the lectins are also removed. Most people with food allergies DO NOT negatively respond to the Juice Plus products.

Gelatin – (6) daily Juice Plus Gummies contain about 4 to 5 grams of prime quality beef gelatin. The Juice Plus Chewables have NO gelatin. If you use the Juice Plus Capsules and open the capsules and just sprinkle the powders into fruit or vegetable juice or…over cool food…there also will be NO gelatin. The gelatin used for the Juice Plus Capsules is Kosher certified.

Leaky Gut Syndrome – Leaky Gut can be the results of prolonged periods of poor nutrition. Juice Plus users with leaky gut, in combination with plenty of filtered water, frequently overcome the challenge within a year.

Sorbitol – sorbitol is used in Juice plus Chewables and is necessary to keep the chewable from becoming too hard to chew. Stomach cramping and mild diarrhea in children resulting from sorbitol is usually experienced when eating 12 grams or more in one meal. Juice Plus Chewables contain about 2 grams of sorbitol in (4) daily chewables. There have been NO reports of these side affects when using Juice Plus Chewables.

Corn Syrup – Corn syrup is used in the Juice Plus Gummies. It is
necessary to maintain the gummie texture. There is about 5 grams of corn syrup in (6) gummies (a Pepsi or Coke contains about 40 grams of corn syrup). Without it…the gummies would either be to difficult to chew or ….after a few days…tooo runny to keep in gummie form.

Note: Most of the above responses were provided by the NSA Company Biochemist, John Mory. NSA is the formulator and distributor of Juice Plus products.

Submitted by Karen from the autismandenzymes  Yahoo Group.

2: November 26, 2001