Omega-3/ Metallathionein (Pfeiffer)/Vaccines

Omega-3 fatty acids are shown to be very important and effective in a treatment program for many people with neurological conditions. There are studies where it made significant differences in ADD, depression, bipolar, epilepsy, etc. So why not autism? It is being tried with good results in some. Most people on the traditional American diet are quite low in omega-3 fatty acids, if not outright deficient. DHA is not proving to be a key element. EPA is the key element. EPA. Hands-down, use OmegaBrite for school age kids and adults. If a younger child will not take it, use Coromega because it is good quality and tastes decent. Coromega does contain vanillin which is an artificial flavor, if this is a concern. [My note: people with phenol intolerance very often have problems with artificial additives.] Flax seed was "okay" but not as good with some side-effects which may be a concern. Skip the algae, seaweed, kelp, etc because humans don't metabolize it well and there are contamination concerns. Consume the fish/ fish oil because the fish metabolizes it right, and then humans can metabolize it from the fish [know your place on the food chain]. EPA OmegaBrite. This is the recommendation of the presenter, but you probably want to look into this yourself.


The metallothionein research by Pfieffer. Good, exciting stuff.

Basically, it shows too much copper via some pathways I will specify in another post on this presentation, with too low of zinc. So, add more zinc. A lot more zinc. They said like 150-200 mg of zinc. I have always been told not to go over 100 mg of zinc for an adult, but these are the numbers said more than once. Please look into this more before buying a truckload of zinc. How to correct the metallothionein problem? It will vary for each individual and isn't completely worked out at this time. It does involve cleaning up the gut for starters.  And add more zinc. Drs. Holmes and El-Dahl will be updating their protocol to incorporate new metallothionein/mercury information. This will be on their site shortly.

NOTE: Amber had a chance to speak with Dr. Walsh afterwards and he said the extra zinc was only for special cases, so don't go piling on the excessive zinc unless a doctor specifies your child needs it. thanks, Amber.


There was some significantly positive new developments and statements on the mercury/vaccine issue that several of the doctors testified this summer for. Sorry, I did not understand them entirely except that it was a significant victory for the home team. Please refer to the web sites of Dr. Amy Holmes, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, Dr. Andrew Wakefield or ARI for more information. Basically, they concluded that someone approving mercury in thimerasol in vaccines made a big mistake, there was a bit of a cover-up, and research on the matter is valid and needs to be funded.

Submitted by Karen from the autismandenzymes  Yahoo Group.

3: November 23, 2001