GFCF Information and Support

General Information


1)       Website:  - see the great article "Beginning the GFCF Diet" in PDF at

2)       Hospital for Sick Children - Specialty Food Store with GFCF products  (Child Development Clinic # 416-813-6333)

3)      Canadian Celiac Association: 1-800-363-7296


Product Contact Numbers and Sites


1)       Presidents Choice and No Name (Zehrs, Loblaws...)  "Sunfresh  Limited" 1-416-967-2501 (CAN CALL COLLECT) (Have Product UPC code number handy)

2)       Heinz 1-800-268-6641

3)       Nabisco  1-800-461-0094

4)       Kraft Canada  1-800-567-KRAFT (=57238)

5)       Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs at 1-800-376-2257, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.

6)      McCain 1-506-392-5541


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Code for level of contamination:

0 = No gluten or dairy anywhere in the plant

1 = neither gluten nor dairy in the product nor used on the same line, but is in the same building somewhere else

2 = neither gluten nor dairy in the product, but another product made on the same line does contain gluten or dairy



No Name Chunk Light Tuna (Zehrs/Loblaws...) (April 2001)

Magic Baking Powder (Nabisco)  (May 2001)



No Name Ripple Cut Chips  (Zehrs/Loblaws...) (April 2001)

Kraft Zesty Italian Dressing  (Kraft)  (May 2001)



President's Choice Tomato Ketchup (Zehrs/Loblaws...) (May 2001)

President's Choice Plum Sauce  (Zehrs/Loblaws...) (May 2001)

PC Non Hydrogenated Canola Margarine  (Zehrs/Loblaws...) (May 2001)

No Name Italian Dressing  (Zehrs/Loblaws...) (May 2001)


The following is from the FRITO-LAY website: "The following products do not contain gluten or casein; however, they are produced on the same line as our products that do contain gluten or casein. The lines are washed between batches; however a slight residue may remain on the line. Individuals who are extremely sensitive may be affected."


FRITO LAY™ brand Nuts (all varieties)

FRITOS™ brand Corn Chips (all unflavored varieties)

FRITOS™ brand Texas Grill Style Honey Barbecue Flavoured Corn Chips

BAKED LAY'S™ brand Potato Crisps

LAY'S™ brand Potato Chips

LAY'S™ brand KC MASTERPIECE™ Barbecue Flavour Potato Chips

LAY'S™ brand Spicy BBQ Flavoured Potato Chips

LAY'S™ brand WOW!™ brand Original Potato Chips* (Plain only)

MISS VICKIE'S™brand Original Potato Chips

BAKED RUFFLES™ brand Potato Crisps

RUFFLES™ brand Potato Chips

RUFFLES™ brand KC Masterpiece™ brand Mesquite B.B.Q Flavour Potato Chips

RUFFLES™ brand Reduced Fat Potato Chips

RUFFLES™ brand WOW!™ brand Original Potato Chips

SANTITAS™ brand White Corn Tortilla Chips

SANTITAS™ brand Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips (all varieties)

BAKED TOSTITOS™ brand Original Flavour Baked White Corn Tortilla Chips* (Plain flavour only)

TOSTITOS® brand 100% White Corn Tortilla Chips (all unflavored varieties)

TOSTITOS™ brand Roasted Garlic Flavour Salsa

TOSTITOS™ brand Restaurant Style Medium Salsa Con Queso

TOSTITOS™ brand All Natural Salsa (Mild, Medium, Hot & Restaurant Style)

WAVY-LAY'S™ brand Potato Chips (plain flavour)


* Only the regular flavours (i.e., no seasoning or flavour added) of these products are gluten-free.


Seasoned or flavoured products not listed may contain Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (often derived from wheat).


Frito-Lay packaging is labeled accurately with the current ingredient information. Since the ingredients in our snacks are subject to change at anytime, we recommend that you frequently check the labels.


If you need assistance, please contact Frito-Lay Consumer Affairs at 1-800-376-2257, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.


Last updated 05/22/01



GFCF Suppliers in Canada


1.             El Peto Products Kitchener:  1-800-387-4064 Specializing in gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, milk, egg free products.  Can order from them direct.


 2.            Sterk's Bakery in Vineland, Ontario 3866 23rd Street


                 Toll free:  1-800-608-4501

                local   1-905-562-3086

                Fax:    1-905-562-3847


"makes the best gf/cf rice bread I have yet tasted. They make a wide variety of breads, buns, bagels, cookies, muffins, etc. We have tried the gf/cf white bread, dinner rolls, bagels and pizza dough. They are all excellent. They will ship frozen bread to you as well."


Make sure you specify dairy free as well as gf, because their primary customers are the celiac community.


Their store is at n Vineland, Ont. Vineland is about half way between St. Catharines and Hamilton, off the QEW.  The store is open from Wednesday to Saturday - 10 - 5, but I believe you can call in orders any day."


3.             Kinnikinnick Foods Administration and Retail Store, 10306-112 Street   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  T5K 1N1


ph:780-424-2900 fax:780-421-0456


Toll Free Line: 1-877-503-4466


email:  Problems with an order?...need help with a recipe?


Catalog Requests


                General Inquiries, Product Information


4.             Hospital for Sick Children - Specialty Food Store  with GFCF products

        (Child Development Clinic # 416-813-6333)


5.             IN THE USA: "Miss Roben's" 1-800-891-0083


Specially prepared mixes, snacks and baking needs for all sorts of food sensitivities and allergies.


Last updated 05/22/01