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"Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism" By Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
Autism Links from "Hugs Feel Good"
The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities - a wonderful site with tons of information and articles! 

"My Affiliation with Autism"


Pediatric Neurology.Com

Family Autism

A Dad's Thoughts on Autism

The Autism Home Page

Indiana Resource Center for Autism

The Early Origins of Autism

OAFCCD Parent Resources Index

"Expert Parents" is a community of smart, committed and loving you!

Dealing with difficult or puzzling behaviors of your ASD child are particularly challenging due to the common problem of communication. The Durand Motivational Assessment Scale can help determine the cause or antecedent of the behavior, thus allowing you to develop strategies to cope.  

"Recognizing Autism and Other Severe Developmental Disorders".  Presentations for police and other responders, judges, court and jail personnel, management, and retail employees. To access this site, click here.
"We've all received it... the stare. The old coot giving you a dirty look in the frozen food section of the grocery store just 'cause your kid has decided it's the perfect place to demonstrate how loud he can scream. Well, you don't have to fume... just hand them one of these handy cards. The Autism Society of Manitoba is one of the organizations that hands out these cards... we've adopted the idea so you can use it as well. The pictures on this page give you an idea of what the card says. Go to this site (click here) to see a version you can print, cut, fold, and hand out in quiet response to the world's ignorance." From Spectrum: Quilt of Awareness.  More autism awareness cards, along with fundraising items can be found in the "Gifts" section of this website.
Ontario Adult Autism offers an essay on "Autism In Adulthood".
Autism Research Institute (ordering information) and homepage.
Autism Society of America (Home Page), ASA has some great information on "challenging behavior", something we all experience from time, to time! (Note: this page uses the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download yours free of charge, click here.
"Track Star - A Survival Kit to Autism" by Bill Penot
Autism FAQ - Theories and Causes
Handbook on Autism by Cheryl Thacker
This Handbook is the outcome of a masterís project completed by Cheryl Thacker at the University of Saskatchewan.
Center for the Study of Autism
Autism UK Homepage
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Even more links to autism resources...
Aging Persons with Developmental Disabilities

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