I have a son who has autism.

When my son was diagnosed, I had nowhere to turn for some good, practical advice on what to do next. I was given plenty of tips on how to move sideways, but I was ready to move forward!

What you see here today originally started as a Yahoo! Club, created in order to provide support for other parents and to share strategies for dealing with everyday life.  As the club grew, it evolved into a place to find information via tips, sites and recommended reading on a variety of subjects pertaining to raising a child on the autism spectrum.

The membership grew, and a more permanent place to gather knowledge that could reach a much larger audience was required. I wanted to develop the very site that I wish I’d had access to back in the early days.  From humble beginnings came even more features including: guest hosted chats, BBB Kids, BBB Buddies, The BBB Guides and the BBB E-News (online newsletter with a circulation of over 700)...all totally free of charge.  I have been gratified that our E-News has been contributed to by so many of our faithful parents, but also by some published, international authors such as Dr. Robert Naseef "Special Children, Challenged Parents", Karyn Seroussi "Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and PDD", Lisa Lewis "Special Diets for Special Kids" and more.  BBB Autism's friendship with the Autism Society of Ontario (York Region Chapter) has enabled us to co-present Parent Empowerment Workshops - a wonderful program to help educate and inform parents and professionals.

I stress that we are not doctors; we are parents, living the life twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.  We are not all searching for a “cure” or a “magic pill”; we want to (among other things) present you with ideas in order to make communication and life in general easier (and maybe more fun) for yourself and your autistic spectrum child (ren). We also present chapters on ideas on helping your neuro-typical children adjust, put out the fires of spousal tension…and even toilet training. All-in-all, we are now offering more than 2,000 links and our parental input makes us unique!

BBB Autism presents a positive attitude toward autism.  Acceptance of your child for who he/she is paves the road to a happier life. With this in mind, we offer areas where you can read about autism from first hand points of view.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this site. It is my hope that by browsing it, you will discover you are not alone, and that autism doesn’t have to be the baffling, negative disorder it is often presented to be.