The Ontario Government is providing funding for intensive early intervention services for autistic children age across Ontario. The Ministry of Community and Social Services, through the Office of Integrated Services for Children, is proceeding with implementation of this initiative. 

The program will augment services already in place for children with autism by providing new funding for: 

* Individual service plans 
* Intensive behavioral intervention services 
* Training for professionals in best practices in early identification, diagnosis, assessment and behavioral intervention for children with autism 
* Training for parents so they can support their child's treatment at home 
* Evaluation that will ensure the program is effective 

The Intensive Early Intervention Program will be provided by regional service providers throughout the province. The regional programs will be expected to either provide these services directly or through a purchase of service arrangement with another organization. They will also be required to give each family the option of direct funding to purchase intensive behavioral intervention services privately. 

This investment in intensive early intervention services for children with autism addresses an important service gap and offers the opportunity for a better quality of life for children with autism and their families. 

Information on the program is available through the MCSS regional offices. You can also contact: 

Office of Integrated Services for Children
56 Wellesley Street West, 15th Floor
Toronto, ON M7A 2B7

Telephone (416) 326-2800

FAX          (416) 326-8395


Ontario Central East Region Intensive Intervention Program:

Intake Number: 1-888-4-KINARK

402-240 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario 

M3B 3B2

Phone: (416)391-3884


Peter Moore; Executive Director


Dr. Sylivie Donais; Clinical Director


Mary McMillan; Durham Behavior Management


Gerry Fucile; Tri County Behavioral Services


Susan Tough; York Behavior Management Services


Don Salmon; Simcoe Autism Intervention Program


Neil Walker; The Geneva Centre for Autism


8: August 11, 2002

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