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About camp greenhouse

Our multidisciplinary team of camp professionals includes Behaviour Consultants, an Expressive Art and Movement Therapist and Special Needs Camp Counsellors.  The Camp is managed by an Advisory Board including parents of a child with Autism who founded the Camp, experts in Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Behaviour Management, Special Education and Psychology.

Children with autism and/or developmental delays are impacted to a greater degree than others by the interruption of regular school year programs. The vision for Camp Greenhouse includes providing a broad-based therapeutic program within the traditional summer camp atmosphere to support and further develop key skills for each child.  Staff, facilities, equipment and programs have been carefully selected to provide a specialized environment to meet camp objectives.  We invite you to call our Executive Director, Colleen Howard for  registration and intake information.

Camp Greenhouse, 70 Wellington Street East, Aurora, ON, Phone (905) 751-1215  Fax (905) 478-5093

Come experience…  

a unique summer camp for children with Autism and Developmental Delays.  

Camp Greenhouse

Camp Greenhouse is a therapeutic summer camp program for children diagnosed with autism, related disorders and/or developmental delays.  Our program provides an integrated camp experience for children 7 – 12 years of age.  Campers participate in a small group setting that includes programming for social skills, sensory motor integration, behaviour analysis/modification, verbal behaviour and independent living skills.

My daughter has a program in place that she participates in during the school year.  Can Camp Greenhouse support the goals of that program?

about the program

Many children with autism and related disorders attend public or separate schools and/or private services for behaviour management, occupational therapy and/or speech and language training.  Specific goals and objectives for your child can be developed in conjunction with your existing team of professionals or developed to support programs already in place.  Individual goals and objectives are established for each child and the resulting program is delivered throughout the camp day.

How do you get to know my son and work with the variety of needs that he has?

Intake Services

The process of entering Camp Greenhouse starts with an intake interview where our staff meets with a child and his/her parents to determine the suitability of our camp program in addressing parental expectations and meeting the child’s needs.  For each camper enrolled, an individual profile is compiled including identified priorities for Social Skills, Behaviour, Sensory Needs, Communication and Independent Living Skills.  Additional assessment services are available for targeted areas and can be conducted upon request by parents.

About the Facility

Camp Greenhouse is located in central Aurora in a facility specifically developed to support the needs of children with autism and developmental delays.  The facility includes trampoline and gross motor activity stations outdoors; small classrooms for independent activities, an arts centre and a large playroom equipped for sensory motor activities. We are also conveniently located close to facilities in the neighbourhood to support community integration activities.

The facility is owned and operated by parents of a child with autism who have donated the equipment and facility to Camp Greenhouse for use during the summer months. 

camp activities

Our camp day starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. Two snacks are provided throughout the day as well as a nutritious lunch prepared by our camp cook.  The camp program provides opportunities for:

Community Integration –daily outings to public swimming, gymnastics, local parks, horse back riding and other exciting destinations for our campers.

Dance and Arts – music and movement activities to develop gross motor, fine motor, balance and sequencing skills.

Direct and Natural Environment Teaching time - one-on-one instruction for development of selected skills.

Independent Living Skills – individual skill development to increase levels of function and independence.

Play time – floor time activities incorporating one-on-one work and social skills through small group or cooperative games

Sensory Motor Integration – a program for each child with activities to balance sensory requirements.

Structures of Intellect – an opportunity to give developing minds a “work out” using program modules, computer exercises and sensory integration protocols. Think of it as a gym class for brains - we develop and support areas of weakness and strength!

Camp fees

Given the needs of each camper and camp objectives, parents are strongly encouraged to enroll campers for a minimum of 2 weeks.  Each session has a unique theme to accommodate campers attending all three sessions if desired.

Camp Sessions:

Session 1:  July 8 -12 and July 15 -19

Session 2:  July 22– 26 and July 29 – Aug 2

Session 3:  Aug 5 – 9 and Aug 12 – 16

Camp fees:  $385/ week           

Extended hours available from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. For further information please call or indicate interest during registration.

Our camp is a non-profit organization.  Discounts of 10% are provided for registration of 4 weeks or more and for families with more than one camper.

“I’d like my son to attend your camp however I believe he will require individual support – can you help?

Our ratio ranges from 2:1 to 3:1 however some campers may require individual support to participate fully in the program.  Please call for information related to extra costs associated with this support and available funding.

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