“Targeting Autism: What We Know, Don't Know and Can Do to Help Young Children With Autism and Related Disorders” by Shirley Cohen

Calling attention to recent advances in early identification and educational therapy, Shirley Cohen, a teacher of teachers, provides expert guidance through the often-confusing arena of autism. Informed and humane, her work offers up-to-date research findings within a scientific framework enriched by her own observations and narratives from parents and adults with autism.

"A Parent’s Guide to Autism" by Charles A. Hart - A great tool in a parent's quest for knowledge.  This is an excellent book for anyone touched by Autism. After my son's diagnosis, I searched for an easy to read reference guide to help answer my endless questions. This isn't a "my story" book; rather, it is an easy to search guide which allows the reader to hop from topic to topic & find answers. The very first book I read that gave me hope! – elkowen_99

In the book Special Children, Challenged Parents” by Robert Naseef, the author attempts to help the reader understand the processes he/she may be going through, from the first inklings of concern, through denial, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, depression, anger and, eventually, hope and acceptance. Dr. Naseef writes about "...the need for tuning into your special child, the day-by-day caring connections that deliver messages of unconditional love".  The difference here is the author is also dad to an autistic son. 

Dr. Naseef also takes the time to discuss the how effects of diagnosis differ between men and women. He focuses on the different grieving process encountered by each sex individually. An entire chapter is devoted to fathers and their roles.

"A Slant of Sun" by Beth Kephart
I am Special: Introducing Children and Young People to their Autistic Spectrum Disorder
by Peter Vermeulen
Full Listing of Books on Autism; contains more than 600 titles. 
Exceptional Resources, leading distributor of resources for Autism Spectrum Disorders.  BOOKS / VIDEOS / CD-ROMS / ONLINE PUBLISHING call Toll-free 1-877-482-1555
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Autism: Facts and Strategies for Parents by Janice E. Janzen

Autistic Children: A Guide for Parents by Lorna Wing

An Anthropologist on Mars by Oliver Sacks

Autistic Spectrum: A Parent's Guide to Understanding and Helping Your Child by Lorna Wing

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Reader Recommendation:

"I want to share what I've found in the world of autism/Aspergers.  Maybe you have already found these two, great books yourselves, but if not, they are a MUST read.

Here is a poem I copied out of one of the books.  This is just a start. There's so much more - common sense strategies that work, stories that made me laugh and cry, and poems that are awesome.


by Kathie Harrington

Does not have to be awful.
It can be a journey.
A caravan of faith,
Love, commitment, growth
And tears of laughter - tears of pain.

Does not have to be the thunder.
It can be the rainbow.
It can brighten your world
With rays of knowledge
And tears of laughter - tears of pain.

Is awesome.
It can demolish or it can construct.
It can be taught and it can teach.
In a mother's life
It will often rain
With tears of laughter - tears of pain.

The names of the books are For Parents and Professionals: Autism (jelly beans on the cover) and For Parents and Professionals: Autism in Adolescents and Adults (popcorn on the cover).  Take a look at Linguisystems.  I promise, you won't regret it!  Kathie Harrington is the mother of a grown son with autism and a speech pathologist. GREAT - GREAT - GREAT from a mother who knows.  Forward this to friends so that we can get this awesome info. to people who can use it.

I recently E mailed Kathie and she said that she is getting a website going.  The new site is here."


24: July 24, 2002

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