IT WORKED FOR ME! - Real Tips from Real Parents

" ...when my son was proving fairly well trustworthy outdoors (in other words, Mom didn't suffer heart dropping to her toes when she realized he had gone out) I provided him with visuals to provide him boundaries. Painting STOP on the driveway, using construction cones and we had also installed a fence. It became a habit when he went outside that he shut the gate himself. I also bought Safety flashcards and we learned the signs he may see out in public. He looks for them now everywhere we go. Also, if we are at a larger gathering I have tied a balloon to his wrist to more easily find him."

by douautism

"Well the only idea I have to contribute is the idea of a medical alert bracelet. Getting one for my daughter has give me piece of mind. If a child won't allow one on his/her wrist, then there is the idea of getting a tag. (you can purchase the plain round stainless steel tags sold sometimes for luggage or pets) and tie it to shoe laces or belt buckles. My daughter has her name on the front, a number on the back and it identifies her as being autistic and speech delayed."

by Mitzie

"Between our autistic 5 year old and "normal" 3.5 year old, we have learned a lot about home security as the rest of you have. We use ratchet tie-downs on the refrigerator, washer and dryer. We had also used elastic bungee cords but the boys double teamed them one morning while we were getting ready and the 5 yr old (then 3) took the tea jug and chugged the tea while walking across the floor. The then 2 yr old took eggs and crushed them between his legs. We have installed privacy locks on every door and double keyed deadbolts. On the outside gate we have a latch and a lock on it. Tried to install barbed wire and guard towers but neighbors protested."

by Brianh

" Those of you who know me well know that this is one area I have not perfected. However, I do believe, especially in smaller towns, in registering your child with picture at the police station and also talking to the people on your block. My son came very close to being hit by a car on Mothers Day and it was people I had yet to talk to. 

Other than that - my motto is never leave my boy alone!"

by Wombat