This is a sensory diet that was put together by a team of OTs for my son. It will give you an idea of what a sensory diet (a.k.a. sensory modulation) can consist of. ~ elkowen


The following information was compiled by a group of registered occupational therapists attending a one-day course on developing a sensory diet. The course instructors were Paula Aquilla and Shirley Sutton, co-authors of the book 'Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration'.

The information, on which the Sensory Diet is based, was through videotape footage provided by the child's family. It contained segments of the child at home and in his integrated Nursery School setting.

A Sensory Diet is defined as a planned and scheduled activity program designed to meet a child's specific sensory needs.  This is considered a 'dynamic' document, which should change over time as the child's behavior changes. Your O.T. can assist in making adjustments to the program as needed.


*  Open mouth posture - low oral/motor tone

*  Arm flapping and finger flicking - attempt to stabilize his shoulder girdle

*  Moving into people - seeking deep pressure input

*  Flicking finger to side - this behavior is sometimes used when a child is having   difficulty with midline eye focusing

*  Throwing things down - motor planning - doesn't know what else to do with this item

                          SENSORY DIET

 SENSORY SYSTEM:     Proprioceptive, Oral/Motor

ACTIVITY:                     Resistive Sucking to increase oral motor tone and promote   midline eye focus

EQUIPMENT:                 Sports Water Bottle, Crazy Straw, Plastic Straw

FREQUENCY:                 Constantly made available throughout the day


ACTIVITY:                      Hugs- imposed and self generated

EQUIPMENT:                 Another person

FREQUENCY:                 Often; perhaps transition times

SENSORY SYSTEM: Shoulders and Wrists

ACTIVITY:                     Bilateral Reaching

EQUIPMENT:                 Large ball; pick up and throw or place into container

ACTIVITY:                     Drumming/Banging

EQUIPMENT:                 Use hands, wooden spoons, rhythm sticks, paper rolls

FREQUENCY:                 Play time

ACTIVITY:                     Lifting, holding/carrying and placing weighted objects

EQUIPMENT:                 Tin goods, containers fitted with dry beans-peas for shaking (big enough for 2 hand holding is best), Beanbags for picking up and throwing

ACTIVITY:                     Clapping Games

EQUIPMENT:                 Hands-musical action games, high/low 5's

ACTIVITY:                     Resistive push and pull

EQUIPMENT:                 Pantyhose, Rubber tubing, Exercise tubing. Using large therapy ball, pushing adult over. Row, row your boat.



ACTIVITY:                     Swinging and rocking different speeds and stopping and starting are important strategies. Sing a song and stop the motion at regular intervals; eye contact or verbalization required before you start up again.

EQUIPMENT:                 Park swing, blanket swing, rocking horse, scooter board, balance board and therapy ball

FREQUENCY:                 3 to 5 times daily for about 5 minutes

SENSORY SYSTEM:       Oral/Motor

ACTIVITY:                     Blowing

EQUIPMENT:                 Whistles, Straws, Party favors, candle

FREQUENCY:                 Mealtime by eating, bath time


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