The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction” by Carol Stock Kranowitz, Larry B. Silver

"Difficult." "Picky." "Oversensitive." "Clumsy." "Unpredictable." "Inattentive." Children who have been labeled with words like these may actually be suffering from Sensory Integration Disorder-a very common, but frequently misdiagnosed, condition that can manifest itself in excessively high or low activity levels, problems with motor coordination, over sensitivity or under sensitivity to sensations and movements, and other symptoms. 


“Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration” by Ellen Yack, M.Ed., B.S.c, O.T., Shirley Sutton, B.S.c, O.T., and Paula Aquilla, B.Sc., O.T.

Occupational Therapy for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Provides a practical resource for parents, educators, OTs and other professionals treating spectrum kids who experience abnormal sensory processing and impaired motor planning. A book to empower children, parents and service providers!



Note: In September, 2001, Shirley Sutton generously hosted a chat on Sensory Integration for BBB Autism. To get the transcripts from that chat, email  Also, watch in November for an overview of Shirley's Make 'n' Take workshop under Parent Empowerment!  Presented by Autism Society Ontario York Region Chapter and BBB Autism, November 17th. 



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