Siblings Support

(Sibling Issues)

'Kidpsych-Understanding Ourselves and Understanding Each Other' interactive site filled with age appropriate games and fun for children. Life lessons are taught in an easy-to-swallow format.

"Kids Health" for parents, kids and teens, "Dealing With Feelings" . Looking for a fun project for your special time with your typically developing kids? How about cooking? Check out "Being Safe in the Kitchen" .
Special Child's "Ask the Expert" (scroll down for sibling advice)
Judevine Center for Autism; for Families
Siblings of Autism and Related Disorders  
egroups: autism_sibs (mail list)
Jessica's Perspective (a story)
BBB Kids message board and chats for siblings of kids with ASD and higher function ASD children.
'We the Siblings' site for sibs of special needs kids, includes a chat room and message board  
'The Sibling Support Project' contains sibshops, workshops, resources, recommended reading and more for brothers and sisters of special needs children.

12: May 16, 2002

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