A Parent's Opinion - A Choice to Make

"Here is a list of links with information that is extremely important.

PLEASE, if you have a baby, or know someone who has or is about to have a baby, PLEASE pass this information along so an important decision can made with all the facts (or at least more than your doctor will tell you).

Everyday children with no prior medical issues are being harmed by the ingredients in the vaccines...among them my own...make an informed decision.

Mercury in vaccines

includes the vaccines guidelines by state and other info

not intended for use, but has valuable attention to the additives and side effects...side effects are MUCH MORE COMMON than you would think...doctors are not required to track them.

If you don't believe me, see the CDC's own page on additives     and look them up.....they are VERY TOXIC... do you want these substances in your baby?

Why am I so adamant about sharing this information? Because I was 
required by my college to have an MMR vaccine when I was 19...three years later I gave birth to an autistic son. When he got his MMR vaccine, he lost speech, eye contact, and withdrew. He is neurologically damaged and I truly believe that unsafe vaccines are at least partly to blame. 

I'm not telling you not to vaccinate...the idea of vaccinations is a 
noble one...but unfortunately they have very dangerous ingredients. So 
please pass this on to anyone who may benefit or know someone who may benefit so at least parents will have the information I did not have and will be able to make an informed decision...whatever that may be."


Note: The content of the above is not necessarily the opinion of BBB Autism. It is important to do your own research and make informed decisions. Good luck!

4: November 20, 2001