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Yahoo Groups: 1AutVax This group explores the relationship between autism and vaccination or other potential or real iatrogenic sepsis (infective medication).   MMR, Hepatites B, Anthrax vaccine, etc., the diseases and the related vaccines and their subsequent vaccinopathic illnesses are all up for discussion. However autism is the primary anchor.   Also shared is what testing is available and where to get them.   None of information exchanged here should be considered medical or legal advice.   However, expect political advice from all corners.   This is an open list, anyone can subscribe, parents, victims, the good guys, the designated bad guys (and their spies), etc.   This list is currently managed by Familes for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT), but is self-moderated.

"The Autism Increase: Research Needed on the Vaccine Connection"
By Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.
"Autism and Mercury ~ Coincidence or Cause and Effect?"
BBC News Online: Health ~ 'No mercury risk from children's fillings' 

22: November 20, 2001