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Autism Partnership - Case Management, "We provide case supervision and training to staff that parents recruit for IBI programs" (416) 410-7125 


Referral list of professionals in York


Leaps and Bounds: Specialized Programming for kids with PDD/Autism - Specialized Programming Service
Deanna Pietramala, Director
1100 Gorham St. # 11B 147, Newmarket, Ont. L3Y 2V1
Tel: 416-243-3330 Fax: 905-953-0589 Direct Line: 905-953-0569 

Leaps and Bounds offers Psychological assessments, we will have an assessment clinic in Richmond Hill starting in January 2003. We also offer home based I.B.I. programs as well as a centre based day program in Richmond Hill. We also offer Behaviour Management, educational services and Respite.


York Paediatric Therapy Services
Rhona Feldt-Stein, OT,
Executive Director
10520 Yonge St. # 21
Richmond Hill, Ont. L4C 3C7 Tel: 905-737-9680 Fax: 905-737-2445 email:

Dr. Cindy Heavener, D.C. and Dr. Frank Janowicz – DAN! Practitioners
Both are DAN! consultants and have been working through the DAN! protocol with their own children for several years now.  Dr. Heavener is taking new patients at this time.  The cost of the initial assessment is $100 and follow up visits are $50. Testing and supplements vary in cost and are not included in the assessment fees.

(office) 905-727-0119, (email)



The Hanen Centre


57 YOUNG, HAMILTON, ON, L8N 1V1, (905)570-0777


Child Development Centre of Oakville, Tracie Lindblad, Director
410 North Service Road East Unit 1, Oakville, Ontario L6H 5R2
Phone: 905 849-7993 Fax: 905 849-0424 E-Mail:


Four Points, Inc., Tracie Lindblad, President 

Four Points Inc. was founded in June 1997 due to the overwhelming response of families looking for services for their children. Four Points operates in conjunction with the Child Development Centre of Oakville which is a multidisciplinary centre providing clients with a full range of services including: Audiology, Speech - Language Pathology, Resource Library, Behavioural Therapy, Psychological Services, Case Management, and in doing so offers families a range of services that can be individually accessed and coordinated to provide comprehensive services.

Four Points believes that early intervention is essential in providing children with the pieces they need in order to complete the puzzle of P.D.D./Autism. Four Points provides direct therapy to clients by providing an innovative intervention approach focusing on the four major aspects in a child's life:

·         Individual...
Children diagnosed with PDD/Autism are challenged in areas that my limit development from infancy and onward. Through structured and sequential early intervention these children will be provided with the missing pieces that will give them the opportunity to live to their fullest.

·         Home...
Research suggests that the most effective intervention strategies are those chosen by the parents and caregivers. At Four Points, we work with you to implement the intervention strategy that suits your family's lifestyle and philosophy. Parents and caregivers know their children best, and are most committed to a strategy they believe in.

·         School...
This can be the most rewarding or the most frustrating experience for your child. Let us work with your teachers, schools, and boards of education to make this a truly positive, life-altering experience.

·         Community...
We can help provide your child with the tools needed to function in our world -- on their terms.”


“C.H.I.L.D. – Children’s Intervention Learning and Development Ltd.” , Sandy Palombo, Executive Director
P.O.Box 25 4700 Keele Street
North York Ontario, M3J 1P3
Fax: (905) 417-0379 


Dr. Cindy Heavener, D.C. and Dr. Frank Janowicz – DAN! Practitioners
Both are DAN! consultants and have been working through the DAN! protocol with their own children for several years now.  Dr. Heavener is taking new patients at this time.  The cost of the initial assessment is $100 and follow up visits are $50. Testing and supplements vary in cost and are not included in the assessment fees. 
(office) 905-727-0119, (email)


Bartimaeus Inc. - Behavioral, emotional and programming support - Phone: (905) 953-0569 , (416) 516-1770


Reaching Your Potential - Polarity Therapy, Crainal Sacral Therapy and Brain Gym (R) 40-646 Village Parkway, Unionville, Ontario  L3R 2S7, Tel: 905-944-8867     Fax: 905-944-8869


Autism Children’s Intervention Services Inc.  Grace Damouni, Director/Founder
8171 Yonge Street, Suite 226, Thornhill ON, L3T 2C6, Tel   416. 219 2316, Fax  905. 832 3139

“Certified in PECS, Sensory Integration (went to Florida and took the course/lab with Pat Wilbarger), Greenspan’s Early Infancy and Childhood course (Floortime/DIR), training in Lovaas, workshop in Handwriting Without Tears, degree in psychology and most importantly, many, (9) years of clinical work with children with PDD/Autism. 

I work very closely with Dr. James Bebko of York University and Dr. Carolyn Lennox who are the consulting psychologists to ACIS. 

I am proud to say our IBI program is very comprehensive as it includes collaboration with SLPs and OTs as well as the educational team.  We help develop IEPs and provide trained shadows for classroom integration. 

We do travel outside of the immediate catchments region (once every month or two depending on the time of year) to administer staff training, consultations, assessments and program development.  We will travel to Guelph, Hamilton, Cambridge (for example) but only during certain times of the year.  However, we do not provide ITs  (mediators) to service this region although we can train staff that the family has already recruited.   For parents who are not interested in hiring a "team" we can set up the programs/binder.

We do however, provide "teams" and oversee the program for our catchment region, which is Markham, Pickering, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, North York, Maple, Woodbridge.  If families live within this region we can offer a "team" with full services (assessments, programs, supervision etc) and this ranges in price from $20,000 and up depending on the treatment plan the family has in mind (we offer different plans).  In this regard we are very flexible which I believe makes us unique-we customize plans so that we are able to take into consideration the families needs/expectations.   Grace Damouni, Director/Founder


Karen Kalpin D.S.W. “A Behavioral Approach to Supporting Children with Autism”: (note: Ms. Kalpin is the original founder and director of Shining Through.  905-853-1669

Requirement: All families must partake in her “Behavioral Approach” workshop.  Initial “Behavioral Approach” workshop for individual family (no matter how many people: family, friends, mediators, EAs etc) is $400 and runs for 4 hours.  An option is to book several interested families to train together at $600 for 6 hours.

Time spent onsite with a family, 2 hrs per week minimum at first is $50/hr within the Newmarket/Aurora/Bradford area; further distances would require travel time.  Same fees apply for onsite ABA training for parents and staff based on what families feel they need and can afford.

Video viewing is $35/hr.  Setting up of a program binder and stimulus is variable, dependent on the needs of the family and child, the intensity of the ABA they plan to do, how recent their assessments are, etc., but will be approximately $500 - $750.  This obviously does not include psychologist fees if assessments are not recent.

Ms. Kalpin uses the services of Dr. Gerard Klein for psychological assessments.  Dr. Klein will charge for this service.

bullet The Adaptive Technology Research Centre
bullet The Hyperbaric Medical Centre of Toronto

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