Welcome to our happy group! 

I'd like to take some time to tell you a little about us. BBB Autism encompasses many things, firstly a website that is packed with tons of information about autism spectrum disorders (ASD) a.k.a. pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), related disorders, school issues, therapies, communication, international conferences and more! We have over 2,000 links to information related to ASD.

BBB Autism is also about people and support. The Support Network side includes our message board and many other club features. You can find our photo albums from that page, FAQs, greeting cards, calendar, guest book and more! All totally free!

Many of us attend workshops and conferences from all over the world.  Don't be surprised to find summaries from these events here.  Read notes from the 2001 DAN! conference starting here. (Many thanks to Karen for this information)

We also have a great e-newsletter. This is a twice monthly publication that deals with all sorts of issues centering around ASD. You can take a look at our past issues here. Please note that although we haven't been able to offer the E-News in some time, we will be back in business soon!

Some examples of back issues are:

bullet Challenging Behaviors 
bullet Gifts for the Child with ASD
bullet Stress
bullet Spousal Issues
bullet How to Enjoy Disney World 
bullet Parent and Grandparent Pioneers of 2002
bullet Everyday Tips (parts 1, 2, and 3)
bullet De Mystifying the GFCF Diet

If you'd like to subscribe, unsubscribe or order back issues, email me at liz@deaknet.com. Be sure to email us with your ideas for issues as well! Issues are available in HTML, PDF or plain text.

Another feature unique to BBB Autism is the BBB Guide.  Guides are simply shared strategies from fellow-parents. Topics include:

bullet Halloween
bullet Large Family Gatherings
bullet Epsom Salts
bullet How to Advocate
bullet Pros and Cons of Telling Your Child of His/Her Diagnosis

These Guides are available in book form only.  You can preview, purchase the book or download at Lulu.

We offer dozens of printable articles about ASD.  Check out our PDF files here.

Is there anything you'd like to see in the future?  We are interested in any suggestions or ideas you might have.

The BBB Autism Support Community's managing staff includes:


BBB Autism has a new off-shoot fee-for-service called BBB Autism at Home.  Parents and professionals located in York Region, Ontario can benefit from one: one help in a variety of ASD topics.  We also provide workshops.  *

BBB Autism has 2 beginners guides to ASD for those with a new diagnosis available free online.  Other documents are already or about to be published by Lulu.com.

Wow, when it is all written down like that, it seems a lot, and I guess it is. We are basically volunteer parents helping each other by giving support, information...and sounding boards. We aren't professionals, but our hearts are huge and we are a wealth of knowledge for each other.

The parents here are amazing and I am honored to call them among my personal friends!

Please check us out, membership is totally free, located in MSN Groups.  Although we are based in York Region, we welcome people from all over the world.  We have members from the United States, Australia, England, Germany and more.  Our 'kids' range in age from 2 to 33 and they are all over the spectrum!

We hope to meet you soon!



Please be advised that the BBB Autism Support Network and all information contained within is put together by and for parents.  Information on the website, in the E-News and guides are often opinions and strategies submitted by parents and are not intended to be used in the place of medical or professional advice.  Our website and other features often reference books and websites.  Please be advised we have no control over these and information may be out-of-date or incorrect.  We have no control over the opinions of others, therefore no control over information authored by them.  Please use our information as a starting point only.

BBB Autism does not endorse any therapy or individual professional in particular, but we DO endorse your right to know!

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Please note that BBB Autism Support Network is not responsible for the information found on any of the websites we are linked to our books, agencies and articles mentioned throughout our entire website, clubs, workshops, message board and everything else bearing our name.

* There is a fee attached to the BBB at Home support, some documentation and series workshops.