Volume 6; Issue 1                                                                        July 5, 2002

Hello Everyone!

It’s hard to imagine, but the E-News has been around for one year today!  Our circulation has grown to over 800 subscribers as of today.  The E-News goes out to parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers and individuals with autism.  About 40% of those 800 are professionals: doctors, behaviorists, therapists, OT s, SLP s, teachers, private providers and more.  Many are located in Ontario, but the E-news flies out to 7 countries.

Halfway through putting this issue together, a few personal challenges arose including everything from a death in the family to my son, J. breaking his leg.  These hiccups prevented me from attending to task but luckily, Michelle; author of our column “Welcome to the Zoo” very generously offered to take over editing duties for this month. Please join me in thanking her for helping me out!  Although I’m not sure what surprises she has in store, I have no doubt they will be entertaining and informative to all our readers.

At this time I’d like to thank you, the reader, for all your support, contributions and the wonderful feedback we’ve received in the past year. I am really excited about the future! 24 issues put to bed, who knows how many more to come?

Bee Cool,



The Story of BBB (or, what's with all those bees?)

Happy Anniversary to the E-News by Michelle E.

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THE STORY OF BBB (or, what’s with all those bees?)
By Liz

Every month or so, someone asks us what ‘BBB’ stands for and what is the significance of the bees.  Recently, that was again asked on our message board, Gabrielle answered as follows:

"Long ago, on a server far, far away, there was a website called AAA Autism. For reasons too sad to go into, the club was dissolved. Like the legendary Phoenix bird, out from the ashes sprang...BBB AUTISM!! "

Gabrielle was right.  For those of us who are curious, here is the rest of the story from my response:

“AAA was deleted, and we were looking for a place to go for (what was then) the largest autism Yahoo club around (about 130 members). I started to set up the club and was called out of the room by my daughter. My husband needed the computer and thought he'd finish it off for me. He was yelling "what do you want to call it?" and I couldn't hear. So he called it BBB as a joke and homage to AAA, thinking the name could be changed later, which it couldn't - so there we were.

The logo of the bees was the next logical step - BBB = 3 bees. When I found the flapping bees, I knew they had to be it.

I attended a workshop this spring and they mentioned that aerodynamically, it should be impossible for a bumblebee to fly; but they do because no one tells them they can't! I really liked that and wanted to adopt it as our mission statement!”


Recently, Lucy emailed me this piece, which you can now find on our front page.

“According to the theory of aerodynamics, and as may be readily demonstrated through experiments, the Bumble Bee is unable to fly.

This is because the size, the weight, and the shape of his body in relation to his wingspread make flying impossible.

But the Bumble Bee, being ignorant of these scientific truths, goes ahead and flies anyway - and makes a little honey everyday!

~~Author Unknown”

It is important to know that another product of the sad ending of AAA was Autism Friends, founded and run by our good friend, Tina.  Please check them out here.

And the rest is, as they say, history!


 By Michelle E

This is a special Edition -- Because it was one year ago that Liz started the BBB E-NEWS - And Liz has done such a great job with it.

I wasn't surprised to see the responses to my email - All the members feel pretty much the same as I do about BBB and about Liz.

I met Liz over 2 years ago in Toronto and I knew she was somebody special right from the start. We didn't get a lot of time together - Breakfast and a delicious lamb dinner LOL - but we did talk and I got to meet her great family and I saw how hard she worked with J.  Her boxes of data and PECS amazed me and to me - she was my hero - I never could have done what she did.  What I learned since then - is that Liz is not only a fantastic mom and good friend - she is one in a million - always there for everyone. But don't take my word for it - Read on…


By Kim C

I cannot begin to describe to you what this website has meant to me.  The most important thing to me has been to be able to talk to other parents of autistic children.  For me personally, it has not been so much about emotional support as it has been about resources.  Parents are simply the best resource for information, especially local information.  Parents have shared with me about interventions, and places to find information.  I have heard what has worked for them and what hasn't.  At this point in our journey (5 months after diagnosis), I am focused on this type of information.  Once I have done my research and decided what I should and shouldn't do for my son, I'm sure the main purpose of the website for me will turn to support - not only for myself, but a chance to support other parents and share with them anything that I have learned.

I am always excited to see a link to new information, whether it's about interventions or research.  I LOVE to get feedback from other parents about what interventions they've tried, and what things they do for everyday issues, like haircuts and trips to the mall.  These are the things doctors can't help us with.  These are the things that are discovered only by trial and error.  It is wise to learn from other parents and pool our resources to try and figure out what we can do to help our children.

Anytime I talk to another parent of an autistic child, I tell them - visit the BBB website.  I know it sounds like I'm being paid to advertise, but there is so much information and support here.  It is the single best thing any parent could do, especially those who are in the local area.  There has been NOTHING else that has been so helpful to me as to visit this website and talk to the other parents.  Sharing information in this way can save us all a lot of time and frustration

What BBB Autism has meant to me, somewhere I can go to find words of hope and encouragement for ourselves and our kids, where people understand what is going on and are supportive and tolerant of each other's views.

Liz has put everything into the club and keeping it a supportive and friendly place to be.

What does BBB Autism mean to me?

It means I had a source of information on potty training my child.  I could do it on my own, by myself, without the "experts," even though he had "no desire" to train.

It means I could finally understand why my child was so sweet sometimes, and so destructive at others...that sensory overload was driving him crazy.

It means I could allow my son to pace and gesture and make strange sounds, since my heart just knew he had to do them.

It means I have proof that what my misinformed doctor said was wrong, and I had "permission" to go ahead and do what I felt was right.

It means I have a place to scream when someone calls me a "bad mother" because I have 3 children with autism.

It means I have a place to CHEER when my son learns to make social introductions.

It means I have a place to share the ideas I have found, with people who actually appreciate the information.  For example, wall scribbles are really art forms.  Oh, and toothpaste cleans them up!

It means I can vent, complain, compare notes, cry, {{HUG}}, and voice an opinion without being blamed or flamed.

It means I had the opportunity to meet someone as awesome and unbelievably talented as Liz, even though we are from different countries and opposite ends of a continent.

My life just wouldn't be as easy, full, and fun without her, and BBB Autism. 


I'm relatively new to the board (been posting for a few weeks only) but there is only one-way to describe what it means to me right now: it is my lifeline.

We got our son's diagnosis May 17, 2002 and immediately I began searching for information about autism and about how to help him. Once I found BBB, and especially Liz, things started coming together so quickly. I knew I wanted an

ABA program for my son but I didn't know how to go about getting started.

There were virtually no providers in my area and I knew we couldn't afford a Cadillac service provider. I also didn't feel like I could run an ABA program myself.  I needed help and I needed (a lot) of direction. Everyone on the board has been so helpful and I will be forever grateful for everyone's help.

Liz has been wonderful in helping me out both on the board and behind the scenes. She is always there to answer a panicky question, provide support and make me feel like I CAN do this. I have hired a consultant and we are currently in the process of hiring therapists to work with our son. I'm hoping that within the next couple of weeks we will begin our ABA program.  I could not have come this far this fast without BBB or without Liz. To say that BBB and Liz are my lifeline right now is not the least bit of an understatement. Thank you everyone. And a special thanks to you Liz, for being the caring, special woman that you are.

Lucy  K


The world of autism is such a new thing for our family.  After contacting you and getting on your mailing list, visiting your website and posting things on the message board, you have been able to lift my spirits, you have let me know our family is not alone in this struggle. With your course for those new to a diagnosis, you have help us cut through all the red tape and let us get going in the directions we need to for each of our children's issues.  I thank you for your dedication, you are our Angel sent to help us get through this together..... Happy Anniversary.

Nancy Morrison

Wow. What it means to me. Well, for the last few months I've been quiet but only because things are going so well with therapies, school, etc. I'd say half the reason or more that they ARE going so well is that a year and a bit ago I found BBB. It was so amazing to find a group of people who so knew what I was complaining and despairing about. Liz was and still is awesome in her efforts to help people in the right direction. I've met people through BBB who will be friends for life, I can't thank Liz enough for providing the venue and for constantly updating it. THANKS LIZ!!!!!!! You certainly do rock,

Juli - mom to Nicolas, age 5 ASD and Kevan, pretty much “normal”, age 4 next week

BBB E-NEWS is at the top of my list for creative, original content autism community newsletters.

Congratulations Liz and all who've been involved in the production of this fine publication over the past year! I wish you many more years of success and I hope the fine information found in BBB ENEWS finds its way to more readers around the world.

All Best!

Dennis Debbaud Port St. Lucie, Florida
(Editor’s note: Dennis is the author of Autism Advocates and Law Enforcement Professionals; Recognizing and Reducing Risk Situations for People with ASD:

What does BBB Autism Mean to Me?

BBB Autism is a place I can go where everything is safe from the storms of this life.  Call me romantic but for me it's a magical place where time and reality stop and a protected world begins.  Here I can feel safe being the person that I was born to be.  Here I feel safe where the world lost in its focus cannot touch or bring harm to me.

No need to pretend or stay quiet in case someone will find my children and I are atypical from the norm.  Nor do I worry of a need to be protective, wondering how I shall stand up for myself or protect my family from the pain so commonly acquired from close contact with the neurologically typical. I can speak and speak clearly for here they understand.  And in understanding comes acceptance.  And that is indeed part of the healing magic.

For here at BBB autism our bond of friendship is grown through the shared trials and tribulations that come with the similarities of our lives raising Autistic Spectrum Children. And yet BBB is far more than that as there is a constant tolerance and acceptance of the differences amongst us as well.  Perhaps that is what makes BBB truly the most special of all.  For me still and I hope always a magically haven of safety where I am accepted not just for being a mother of an Autistic child but also for my own neurologically atypical traits.  And that powerful and strengthening in of itself I will remain forever grateful.

For BBB it gives me permission to be myself without Shame.  This is not something I am so often to be blessed with in the outside world no matter how well meaning the neurologically typical try to be.  
Becca (Bipolar/ADD)

I'm also involved in Autism Society Ontario (ASO), though a different chapter than Liz, but that is how we found each other.  The last two years she's has not only been a good friend but a great inspiration as well.  ASO keeps us both very busy and we find we have little down time, one of the few times that I really sit down and relax is when Liz's BBB Autism newsletter pops up on my screen.  It is the only thing that arrives that I don't read right from my computer screen.

I print it off and when the kids are tucked in and all is quiet, I head for my comfy chair by the fire.  With a pot of tea in hand I gather up her newsletter and settle in for some "just for me time", and I treasure every minute of it. 

BBB Autism is truly Liz's baby, she has taken it from an inkling of a thought all the way to having a huge impact on the families that receive it every month.  She has found a niche that wasn't being touched on, she doesn't simply report what's happening like other newsletters, she has created a direct line to our hearts and souls.  It's a newsletter that I can laugh and cry through, she brings life's ups and downs through real life stories that inspire us to look outside the box for our children.  Some of the stories are a trip down memory lane with my son, others hit me with "Why didn't I think of that"?, while still others call to me to share some of my son's history in hopes it will help another family looking for a similar answer.

BBB Autism is a 'ONE OF A KIND' and I know how hard Liz works on it, so I'm especially pleased it has experienced the huge success that it has.

One day last fall we were hosting a workshop, I was out in the hall checking people in as they arrived, when I came in to introduce our speaker... I was amazed to see written in huge letters across the chalkboard 'BBB Autism' .  The speaker was telling everyone to sign up  immediately that it was an excellent newsletter, an absolute MUST READ!

I was so proud for Liz, and then I had one of those "Why didn't I think of that?” moments. 

Congratulations Liz on all your success and your 'One Year Anniversary for BBB Autism!'  If ever life gets you down, please remember and draw on the fact that you make a difference. 

I believe at the end of the day... when all is said and done, that's what we all hope we have done... to have made a difference, to help even just one other family to be better prepared to help their child.  You can count on the fact that you have accomplished this feat a hundred fold.

Thank you for touching our lives and inspiring us to reach for the moon for our children.

With great love and gratitude,
Cindy Faria

Liz means a lot to me.  She is a wonderful lady who takes the time out to help others in need.  She has answered questions for me in private and on the board.  She has gone above and beyond in helping me and others.  Keep up the good work Liz!!

The Support BBB:  What a wonderful group!!  I love the board and the help that I have received from the people on the board.  It is also a safe haven to vent, ponder or ask questions.  I know I will get sympathy because you all have been there before.  I in turn will give others sympathy as well.

The Website: What a wonderful resource for everybody.  Liz really has outdone herself in putting this together.  What an extensive resource it is.  I check it on a weekly basis because Liz usually updates it weekly.  I have this website on my cards that indicate that my dd (darling daughter) is Autistic.  Thanks Liz for giving me permission to do so.

Thanks for all the hard work you have done Liz!!

Holly IN

New Article: Take Care, Now
New Article: Shaping and Chaining
New Article: Prompting and Fading
New Article: Behavioral Strategies to use Everyday
Questions to ask ABA/IBI Service Providers
New, Expanded: York Region and GTA Information
Sample Letters to MPPs to Request Funding and Services (Ontario)
New Awards for our website
BBB Parent Guides NOW Online
Plain Text Versions of the E-News Suitable for Printing


1. "AUTISM FRIENDS: Come check out our 800+ links, Shopping section fundraisers for parent run sites coming soon!)  Family pages and our Community section for chats 5 days a week!

Coming soon to Autism Friends! Parent tips, ponderings and wisdom!

Autism Friends is a Member supported website run by a parent. We are always looking for parent contributions! Book recommendations, photos, best links, personal stories, poems & artwork by our creative geniuses. Contact Tina. . Tina"

2.    "My name is Susan Rosenstein and I am an occupational therapist with Early Intervention Services, the Richmond Hill-Thornhill team. I am involved with the design team in planning for the new All Our Children Playpark, which is being built by the community, for the community, in Newmarket in August 2002.

We have attempted to include equipment and provide spacing, which will allow for best possible use by children of all abilities.

I am frequently told by parents that it is so very difficult to take their child, who is unaware of risks or does not follow directions, to public playgrounds as most are open to roads, ravines, the river, etc.

I am looking for any information about safety strategies in fencing and or design, which will allow children to enjoy the playground without the worry, or risk that they will be able to leave the area and run away unnoticed. We would like to develop a "boundary" solution, which is both aesthetic and practical.

I would love to hear of suggestions or web sites with information, which may be appropriate.

Please feel free to answer via e-mail."

3.    THE GENEVA CENTRE announces: a) Summer Training Institute is scheduled for August 19-23, 2002 in Toronto and August 19-20, 2002 in Halifax. Brochure may be viewed in PDF format at b) Geneva Centre International Symposium is scheduled for October 23, 24, 25, 2002 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Symposium 2002 brochure has been mailed out and is available at  This year you have the option to register on-line; major discounts for early bird registrations. Also, for the first time, delegates from around the world can access 8 presentations of the International Symposium 2002 live through the Internet. Some presentations have special interest for adults on the autism spectrum.

4.       “We are planning a Drama Camp in partnership with The Curtain Club, Richmond Hill and the Trillium Foundation, for children with epilepsy and siblings of children with epilepsy, from July 8th-19th.

We have spots left in our camp and would like to offer our camp to siblings of other associations. Our camp will be a theatre camp for siblings of children with special needs. Sib shops will be included throughout the camp. If members of Autism Society Ontario York Region Chapter (ASO-YRC) have children and siblings that would be interested in participating in the camp, it is at the low cost of 100$, so there is no reason why siblings should not participate in this wonderful experience. However, time and spaces are closing and therefore we need your quick response.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Elana Mizrahi, BA
Camp Coordinator
Epilepsy York Region
"We Care...We Can Help!"
Tel: 905-508-5404
Fax: 905-508-0920

5.       Ontario Adult Autism Network - OAARSN offers a rich and expanding collection of up-to-date information and communication tools that can put you in touch with others. We can all benefit from the opportunities for mutual support, encouragement and information sharing. We especially hope that OAARSN's efforts to draw attention to positive approaches and best practices in supporting adults with autism can help all who live and work on the front lines.”

6.      “The Spectrum Community Newsletter: The Spectrum Community Newsletter is a new email newsletter containing news, links, shared stories on the spectrum disorders. The idea is to allow each subscriber the ability, if they have the desire, to be a voice heard. To receive the first issue please send email address to  Thanks, Christopher Chapman, Chief Operating Officer, Insight Direct, Inc
800-471-4200 x231,,

7.       “Letter Writing Campaign to Ontario MPPs by Nancy Morrison The e-mail link is now available for all of us to promote a letter writing campaign to MPPs Clement (Health) Witmer (Education) and Elliott (COMSOC). All people need to do is fill out the info at the bottom of each letter and hit send and it will go directly to the Minister. I spoke with Sarah Jordison this afternoon; she advises the web designer is on holidays until July 10th. Upon their return she will have them edit this site to allow for personal comments to be added for each of the target Ministers. Please promote all persons affected by our children to visit this site and forward the letters, including extended family members, friends, teachers, day care providers, co-workers, etc.
Also, I would like to promote that each of you write to your respective MPPs regarding our issues. Our Simcoe Barrie and Bradford area MPP was on The NEW VR following Monday's telecast stating that they will be looking into the issues raised by us on Monday. We will need all our ministers updated on the topic and supporting us. You can find the snail mail or e-mail addresses for your MPP at the following site:
Please forward this e-mail on to any ASO contacts you may have in any other areas of the province. The more people aware of this campaign the stronger our voices will be heard. I now have added a contact in Ottawa to my mailing list for this campaign. If anybody else knows of anybody who wishes to be updated through my mailings, please have them send me e-mail and I will add it to my growing list of contacts.
Sincerely, Nancy Morrison”

8.       Richmond Hill, Ontario: “I work with a family in Richmond Hill who would like their 6 year old child with autism to join a gymnastics class.  Following direction is a challenge at times, but she is very athletic in this area.  Does anyone know a gym centre in the area that works well with ‘our kids’?”  Contact Debbie at


A key part of the new program will include assigning specific ride boarding times at certain park attractions for guests with disabilities.

Guests with disabilities should stop by Guest Services to pick up a Guide for Guests with Disabilities. This free guide explains the ride entry guidelines and procedures, provides specific information related to each attraction, and includes an Attraction Boarding Pass now required for the special access accommodations. One Guide for Guests with Disabilities/Attraction Boarding Pass is required for each guest with a disability and will cover his/her accompanying friends/family members (up to maximum of three). Please note: you will need to pick up the new Guide/Attraction Boarding Pass each time you visit the Park.

Guests should take the Guide (which includes the Attraction Boarding Pass) to the ride exit and request a boarding time. A boarding time (based on the approximate length of the line at the time of the request) will be assigned and written into the Attraction Boarding Pass in the area designated for that ride. The time will be authenticated with a special stamp when it is written into the Boarding Pass. Guests with disabilities may not acquire a second or subsequent boarding time until any previous time (s) have passed, but may take advantage of other attractions that are not on the Attraction Boarding Pass.

Once the party has been assigned a boarding time in their Attraction Boarding Pass, they can wait in a comfortable location of their choice until it is time to board.

When the boarding time arrives, the guest with a disability can enter the ride through its entrance/exit. Once in the station the party will load into the next available ride vehicle.

Please call the Guest Services department (905-832-8131) at Paramount Canada's Wonderland if you have questions about this new program.

Or if you have any difficulties please direct them to the following.

 Kris Williams
Manager, Public Relations & Special Events
Paramount Canada's Wonderland, a division of Viacom Canada Inc.

9580 Jane Street, Vaughan, Ontario (Canada) L6A 1S6
(Phone) 905-832-7482     (Fax) 905-832-7419     (Media Pager) 416-484-5543

Media Centre

10. From Geneva Centre’s Message Board

“For your info, Chief Commissioner Keith Norton of the Ontario Human Rights Commission announced today that the OHRC will hold public consultations this fall on human rights issues affecting persons with
disabilities in Ontario's education system.

The OHRC website at contains information concerning:
-the complete news release;
-Backgrounder: Disability Issues in Ontario's Education System;
-the Consultation Paper on Education and Disability: Human Rights Issues in Ontario's Education System.

Written submissions are welcomed by the Commission, however I am confused because two deadlines are given. In the section on Consultation information a due date of July 15, 2002 is given. Earlier, in the Backgrounder, a date of Oct. 7/02 is given. Maybe one of these is a typo. I will call Francois.

For information about the Consultation:
Francois Larsen
A/Director, Policy and Education Branch
Ontario Human Rights Commission
416-314-4532.  The toll-free number for the OHRC is 1-800-387-9080
Please feel free to share this announcement with others. Janis”

Do you have an event, announcement, information or a request?  Email us at and we’ll put it in an upcoming E-News issue.  Email early to avoid disappointment! BBB Autism is not responsible for misrepresentations of persons or agencies utilizing this service.


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