Please note: This information is not intended as medical or psychological advice.  Always seek a trained professional for diagnosis and treatment of any condition or disorder. BBB Autism provides this information as a starting point and general overview only. Please refer to our disclaimer.

Most often, parents suspect their child has a difference before their pediatrician might.  The section contains some different checklists and warning signs of Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  If you suspect your child may be on the spectrum, take a look at some of these sites.  Always go to your physician when ASD or PDD is suspected.  These sites can give parents some prior knowledge. This section is NOT meant as a diagnostic tool. 


Beginner's Support

If you would like to talk to parents with children on the autism spectrum (PDD), please feel free to visit BBB Autism's Online Support Network.  Membership entitles you to chats and a message board which can help you on your quest for information.  Hope to see you there!  For more information about what our free membership can bring you, please click here. Membership is free, and there is nothing to sign up for!  We also have other great features like club polls, photo album and e-newsletter.  New offerings include: BBB Kids, Parent Empowerment Notes and the BBB Parent Guides. Hope to see you there! 

Also check out BBB Autism Buddies, a parent matching service for those who would prefer one-to-one support with another parent.

"Our kids" may all be different ages and stages, but every single one of us remembers what that first year was like.  We are all willing to help in any way possible, whether it be by providing some information or lending an ear.

We are also working in conjunction with the Autism Society of Ontario (York Region Chapter) to bring you even more help.  Check back with this site often as we bring you news of our fantastic series of "Parent Empowerment" courses and workshops!

Finally, protect yourself. When searching out therapies for your child, check out "Quack Watch: Query: Autism".  At all times, be aware of shaman and snake-oil salesmen.  Research your topic thoroughly, ask other parents who have tried the method.  A very good rule of thumb is to be suspicious of anything that is labeled "cure". Remember, one therapy may be beneficial to one child, but not necessarily another.

Available NOW...BBB Autism Presents our beginner's guides to ASD for Preschoolers.

Beginner's Guide to ASD in York Region
Beginner's Guide to ASD General

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